If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.


That comment is as true today as when it was first posted in 2010. We intend to level the playing field so everyone has complete sovereignty over their data and can act on equal terms with one another.

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There is nothing as inevitable as change, and nothing so resisted

But sometimes change is required, like now. The current data economy is centralised, vulnerable, and unfair. Our mission is to remove the legal, political, and technological obstacles that stand in the way of creating a global system that benefits everyone.

Developing a fair economic system for data is no small feat

The key is balance. We are focused on creating a fair trade data exchange that respects the self-interest of all parties. And if conflict might appear, we shall make it transparent.



Every jurisdiction has its particular legal regime that needs to be respected.



Working closely with all stakeholders to ensure the best outcome.



Our stack is open source, secure, and decentralized. Success!



We’re looking out for business by reducing risk and increasing data quality.

Our ecosystem - or as we call it, The polyVerse - is empowering and purpose driven.

Each of the three entities offers something that is missing from the current system:

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The Cooperative enables the community to control and monetise their private data within a secure infrastructure.

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The Enterprise produces higher value for the economy because it processes higher value rather than higher volume data.

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The Foundation reinforces the GDPR since it is baked into the infrastructure, and reduces costs as it is decentralised.