Bold plans require concerted action across several fronts

In order for everyone to benefit from a fair economic system for data, everyone must be included in the process: Society is represented in the Cooperative; sovereign States are represented in the Foundation; and, Economies are represented in the Enterprise. This structure ensures that all parties are fairly represented and none are advantaged above others.

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We aren’t the product, we’re the producers.-thumbnail
We aren’t the product, we’re the producers.

And we can do whatever we want with our data. That isn’t wishful thinking. It’s the GDPR. If a user wants to donate their data to a resource pool for public benefit, exchange it for revenue with commercial providers, or just store securely and do nothing with it, it is their right to do any of those things. polypoly’s network is a community resource owned by its shareholder members. It is open source, transparent, and trustworthy.

Technology is the same as the bottom line.-thumbnail
Technology is the same as the bottom line.

Businesses won’t stay open long if they don’t turn a profit. And part of that job is keeping up with online trends. Decentralisation is a core feature of the internet. It is more secure, and more efficient. No business wants another costly data breach. And who wouldn’t want to offset data storage costs and have access to higher quality customer data at the same time? That’s what a profitable data exchange looks like with a polyPod user.

Rules are a pain, until we need them.-thumbnail
Rules are a pain, until we need them.

Building a fair trade data economy takes more than technology. It also requires regulatory know-how. Partnership with government is critical to develop a system that works trans-nationally and can adjudicate conflict resolution impartially. Developing a fair trade data economy is a complex business and having people involved with deep expertise will ensure its success.

Our ecosystem - or as we call it, The polyVerse - is empowering and purpose driven.

Each of the three entities offers something that is missing from the current system:

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The Cooperative enables the community to control and monetise their private data within a secure infrastructure.

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The Enterprise produces higher value for the economy because it processes higher value rather than higher volume data.

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The Foundation reinforces the GDPR since it is baked into the infrastructure, and reduces costs as it is decentralised.