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We’re building on our own experience, and we’ve learned from it.

We would not presume to advise anyone on how to develop a cooperative unless we had put in the work ourselves. It involves a lot of paperwork and the right partners. But it is certainly worth the effort. We are here to share best practices in navigating the process, and to help others avoid mistakes.

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We are committed to helping you get to where you need to go and sharing resources. If you are serious about starting a cooperative in your country, we will do whatever we can to make that possible. And as more cooperatives come online they will be able to share their unique experiences to benefit a global fair trade data economy.

Our ecosystem - or as we call it, The polyVerse - is empowering and purpose driven.

Each of the three entities offers something that is missing from the current system:

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The Cooperative enables the community to control and monetise their private data within a secure infrastructure

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The Enterprise produces higher value for the economy because it processes higher value rather than higher volume data.

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The Foundation reinforces the GDPR since it is baked into the infrastructure, and reduces costs as it is decentralised.